Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Fancy Huh?: Outfit #2

Wedding attire #2

Well ladies, it's time for outfit number two in my formal wear series. In my opinion, there's nothing more lady-like than a good pair of pearls. When I put them on I feel like I'm channeling my favorite fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. In fact, this whole ensemble feels pretty Audrey inspired thanks to the Tiffany-blue dress and clutch. I love the idea of giving a demure look a bit of a fashion-forward twist by adding an unexpected pop of color. The pink pumps are daring but are balanced out by the simplicity of the rest of the look. If you really want to push the limit accessorize with a bright clutch too, like the Serpui Marie ombre clutch, above. If you'd rather keep everything besides the heels a little more low key, choose a clutch in a neutral color or one that matches your dress, like the Tiffany  Co. Clutch, on the right (I really got a little carried away with the Audrey theme here huh?). Just remember, whatever you decide, wear it with confidence. Then you'll always look your best. 


  1. i love this post OMG where is that dress from?!? i love it

    xoxo dakota

  2. This outfit is PERFECT. Playful, yet refined. I need that dress in my life, too bad it's sold out.

  3. @Dakota, you can find this dress here: It's called the seafoam skater dress (Only $74!!)