Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day Monday! Well, after a glorious weekend filled with family, friends, food and (lots of) drinks, I'm back to work here at color the coast. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties I don't have an outfit post for you guys. Instead I decided to give you a little recap of my weekend through instagram. So here we go...

started the weekend off right with some
 coconut mocha deliciousness from the starbs

favorite book of all time, and my current beach read

my best friend and I got these matching cups
for our margaritas!

my best friend's sister (soon to be mommy!!) sarah

these tiki torches kept blowing flames off the deck,
it was a little scary

my little craw fish friend

 a couple of the girls and I last night :)

Well, there you go that was part of my fantastic weekend. I hope you all had a good time this weekend, let me know what you did! Feel free to follow me on instagram! @amandamn. I'll follow ya back!

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