Friday, May 25, 2012

MDW Looks: Night Out

Hello friends, happy Friday! I'm super excited because it's finally here, Memorial Day Weekend! As my last piece of advice for your weekend attire, here are two ideas for what to wear out this Friday and Saturday night!

MDW Looks

For the rebel, or the good girl who decides she wants to get a little bad this weekend, try a look like the one above. Nothing is sexier than a pair of super skinny jeans and I love this sheer blue top. It adds a bit of softness to the outfit without looking too girly. Pair it with some hard(core)ware like the Alexander McQueen skull bangle and you'll be the toughest (and hottest) chick at the club.

MDW Looks: Tangerine Queen

If you're going for a more romantic look this weekend, go for a lighter, brighter look. Tangerine against bronzed skin is absolutely beautiful. I'm a big fan of doing a slim fitting bottom with a flow-y top but I love the idea of switching that around. These shorts are gorgeous, especially with this white tank tucked in. Plus, I adore those Ash platform wedges, they're a great accent to the shorts.

I hope you all have an amazing MDW and kick off summer in style. I'll try to get some shots of what I wear this weekend to show you all!


  1. Great post!!
    Love the looks :)


  2. I loved how you paired the outfits, specially the first set!!! It's just my face :)

    Thank you for nominating me for the blogger awards. I was so surprised!

    Puss xxxx

  3. I love all of your tangerine picks, great post!


  4. Both of these sets are amazing and I can see myself wearing every single piece that you have selected....xoxoxo

  5. Lovely post! so inspiring :) lets follow each other?

    1. Thanks! I'm now following you via BlogLovin'!

  6. LOVE the Versace leather studded cuff! Amazing :)

  7. I wish girls dressed like that at night, lol. All I see Saturday nights are tight short dresses. I always feel like a grandma next to them.