Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coral Cues

Happy Friday!

Friday actually doesn't mean much  to me since I still don't have a big girl job and I work my weekend away. However, I do have a small win to celebrate today, I successfully made share buttons thanks to a tutorial from Her New Leaf! Now follow me people!

So it's becoming harder and harder to contain my excitement over summer's arrival, even though it's only the third day of May. So in honor of my childlike enthusiasm today's post is a collection of coral themed summer must haves.

1.Coral weaved strap sandals from Old Navy 2. Essie nail polish in "camera" and "tart deco" 3. Victoria's Secret Pink Shimmer and Shine body spray in "sunny & happy" 4. My favorite summer drink, delicious lemonade.

Fun fact: I once made a boyfriend drive me 45 minutes just to get freshly squeezed lemonade (well I asked and he agreed, but I don't think he was all that excited about the idea). It was delicious, and completely worth it. Anyway, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful here so enjoy it while I'm inside making the big bucks.

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