Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bring Light to the Dark

Lighten Up

My day job requires me to wear all black, which looks professional but can get kind of boring. It's pretty easy to find pretty black pants and tops but you can only get so creative while trying to look work appropriate. The worst part is I have to wear these ugly non-slip black shoes all the time (I'm a hostess and we need those to walk into the kitchen). So I don't have a ton of options but I like to mix things up with my accessories. A bit of color and texture can go a long way. I like wearing a crew neck black blouse with a bold bib necklace. It gives a little sophistication to an otherwise simple top. I'm also OBSESSED with stacking bracelets. I love grouping different size bracelets in the same color family together. It's a nice pop of color and texture that people always comment on. A more subtle way to bring a little life to a dark wardrobe is with a pair of unusual earrings. Earrings don't take a lot of thought, you can pop them in and easily give an outfit a face lift. I don't suggest wearing an all black outfit, at least not all the time. Still, if you don't have a choice there are way around looking boring, so no slacker excuses people!

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