Monday, May 5, 2014

Color the East Coast has a new home!

Hello friends and followers!
I've decided to give color the east coast a new look and a new home. I want to take this site to a new level and in doing that I've purchased a domain on From now on you'll be able to catch the new color the coast post's on our new page, (soon to be Please bookmark the page and get ready for a new chapter of stylish living!

Happy Cinco Senoritas

I know most people think of Cinco De Mayo as a free pass to drink lots of tequila but to me it also symbolizes the beginning of the summer holidays. That means sprucing up your space with some bright colored accents and adding some print and color to your wardrobe. I suggest you ditch the dark colors, put on a pair of neon colored earrings like the ones above from Bauble Bar and help yourself to a margarita or two.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Trend: Denim button up

Hello lovely people! I've missed you! Okay, so I'm back but still not on a regular schedule. I'm going to try and post when I have some slower days at work (like today) but I'm pretty much working 60 hours a week right now so I still can't be very consitent on posting. Definitely one of the few downfalls of getting a big girl job, but otherwise I'm loving it and grateful to be given the opportunity.
Anyway, I don't know about the rest of the world but in NY and NJ fall has officially hit and I for one am ecstatic. This weather is BEAUTIFUL and I wake up everyday excited to break out some fall favorites. I've been making a list of some new things that I want to get as the weather cools down to add to my closet staples and number one is definitely a denim button up. I've been seeing them everywhere worn in a bunch of different ways. Below are three options that I love for the button up and can't wait to try as soon as I get one of my own. Any suggestions on where I should go to buy one?
Denim shirt trend

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'll Be Seeing You...

Hi my loves! I'm going to get right to it, I think I have to take a bit of a hiatus. Since I've got the new job and I'm going to be keeping my old part time job too for the time being I'm going to be working 7 days a week. This doesn't leave me with a ton of time for blogging. I'm hoping to be back on a regular schedule within the next couple weeks so that I post daily again but for now I'll be posting rarely. Please don't forget about me over here at Color the Coast! For the time being enjoy this picture of the most glamorous women I've ever seen.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY: Glitter Frame

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I just got back to New York and I'll be back to work in the city tomorrow! I'm excited to head back into the office but just a warning the next few posts probably won't come until late in the day. Today is the second half of yesterdays glitter DIY. Today I used the same glitter nail polish to glitterize a plain black frame. My friend's entire bedroom is done in pink and black so this will go perfectly with the martini glass and her decor. Here are some before and after pictures.

I wish I had a better camera besides my iphone because these things are coming out much prettier in person than they are on screen, but you get the idea. 

Oh yeah, side note. Did any of you know that Marshall's sells Essie nailpolish now?! It's half the price! Seeing it in the store this morning made my day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY: Glitter Glass

Good morning, I hope you're have a lovely Tuesday so far. I just woke up and I feel like I could sleep for another 12 hours. Ughhhhh.

Today's tutorial is SUPER easy to do and it comes out looking awesome. Plus it uses one of my favorite things, GLITTER! (I'm such a girl, I know).  I made it as a gift for a friend of mine. All you need is A plain martini glass and glitter nail polish.

Step one: Clean your glass and pick your color.

Step two: Paint the part of the glass that you want to glitter. I painted the bottom part of the stand and painted up from the top of the stand so that the glitter ended before it reached a point where you put your mouth.


This picture doesn't do it justice, the glass look awesome. I'm going to place it with tomorrow's project (stay tuned) and a bottle of her favorite liquor. Easy, inexpensive and adorable. Happy glittering!

Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY: Dry Erase Calendar

Hiiiii everybody! So I'm back in NJ after a week of temping at what I'm hoping is going to be my first big girl job (!!!). It was a lot of fun working in the office but I was exhausted so I completely slacked on you. But don't worry, I'm back now so we can all take a deep breath and relax as we head into Martha Stewart territory.

This week I'm going to expand a little more on my DIY aspect of the blog. There are a couple projects I'm working on so as I finish the smaller ones I'm going to share them with you. I've seen today's idea all over Pinterest lately so I thought I'd give it a try. This DIY dry erase calendar is super cheap and easy to do. I went to home depot and picked out a bunch of paint chips that I wanted to use (I chose to fade my calendar in red and oranges so that it has an end of summer/fall feel). Then I hit the dollar store for some dry erase markers and a frame.

My frame is only an 8x10 because I want to keep it on my desk. I measured out five squares down and seven across and cut a corner out of each paint chip so that I had 35 little squares. Then I glued the squares down in rows on a white piece of paper (computer paper or even the back of the display picture in the frame will work) so that the colors would fade from dark to light. Then I popped the paper in the frame and I was done!

Unfortunately, the dollar store dry erase markers weren't great so the actual writing looks a little sloppy. I'm gonna head to Staples and pick up a couple better quality ones today. But I was happy with the way the calendar itself came out and with how easy the project was. Now I can look at my ever-growing schedule in pretty colors!