Friday, May 11, 2012


I can't believe it's Friday already. I hope you all have fun Mother's Day plans for the next couple days. My sister and I are taking my mom for a day at the salon tomorrow morning, which is always a good time. For today I've decided to give you all a peek into my life through some of my instagram feed for this week.
I took these off Saturday night and thought they looked cool laying on my bed

I love perfume bottles, I think they make for pretty decoration

I'm not usually a fan of faux flowers but I found this one and kind of liked it

My editorial notebook for the blog (color coded)

My everyday necklace right now. I made it with two anchor charms I found (I told you I was obsessed)

My scarf collection

It always takes my forever to pick out a new Essie color

My mom gave me this cool lamp for my bedside table

 Enjoy your weekend!

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