Monday, August 6, 2012

Work It

work wardrobe


Happy Monday people. To be honest I'm not as enthusiastic as I usually am when I say that because usually I sleep in on Monday's since it's actually like my Sunday. However, today I have an interview that I have to leave for in about an hour so I had to rise and grind. Anyway, the good news is my interview has inspired today's (and actually the next couple day's) post. Since summer is quickly coming to an end it's time for most people to get out of happy summerland and get their minds back into the real world. What better way to get back into work mode than by revamping your wardrobe. So this week as part of my prep-for-September themed posts we're going to talk work appropriate fashion. Above are three looks that use dresses and jackets, a simple go-to when getting ready for the office. However, even if all you wear are dress and jacket combos you don't need to wear the same thing everyday, mix it up, go crazy, wear a metallic blazer like the blue Valentino one above. I like the idea of mixing contrasting colors, but sometimes matching the pallet is just as nice. Experiment a little and have fun, you might find you can give your work wardrobe a facelift by trying new combos without even buying anything (the ultimate goal). Now cross your fingers and wish me luck that I get this job!