Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't Skirt the Issue

Winning Combinations

Okay, so I'm not too late on posting today. My interview went well (I think) so now I'm playing the waiting game (basically every time my phone rings I hold my breath). It's day three of the what-to-wear-to-work posts and today I focused on skirts and blouses. Skirts should pretty much always be knee length or lower when going to the office (not too much lower though, you don't want to look dowdy). The last skirt here is cutting it a little close but add some tights and I think it's perfectly appropriate if you're working as a receptionist, secretary, teacher, etc. The two in the middle are definitely power outfits, all clean lines, great fits and classic accessories. The first look is a little bit of retro fun that I thought I'd throw in for s's&g's. I'm off to spend my day off staring at my phone, enjoy your humpday everyone!

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