Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here Comes Fall...

Cozy Cover Ups

Okay, I know nobody wants to face the fact that it's August. We're officially in the home stretch of summer here. As much as I'm going to miss the lazy days, happy hour on the deck, and lying in the sun I am at least a little bit excited about fall. I love, love, love sweater, boots and jackets. Come on people, I know you all do too. So through out this month I'll be giving you some ideas on stocking up on cozy fall items for your wardrobe. Today we're talking jackets. Whether it's a soft cape or a cool cord denim jacket, you need to stay stylish and warm next season. My go to jacket for fall and spring is usually a trench and there are a couple of good options above (my dream is to own a Burberry trench coat. ONE DAY people, one day. It will be mine). A leather jacket is a great way to add a little badass to your outfit with zero effort. I instantly feel more rebellious as soon as I put one on. Unfortunately, I lost my favorite leather jacket last year at a bar and I have yet to replace it. I guess I'd better get shopping.

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  1. It is actually winter time in Argentina and, in my case, I prefer a warm coat to fashion one! Leather jacket is always a good option!