Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snap Shots

Hi pretty people! I've been really busy since I started my new job but I got to spend the weekend celebrating with some of my friends. Here are some pictures from my instagram to give you all an idea of what I've been up to!

Love these sparkly bangles we sell at the store.

Friday night drinks!

View from underneath the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

The largest beer I've ever seen!

Far off view of the Wonder Wheel.

I love New York.

On the train home. I love train stations at night

What have you all been up to?


  1. this looks like so much fun! loving the beer pictures.
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  2. lovely pictures, I wished i could just hop on a train and go to new york :) x angie

    1. @hotchocolate4sunshine - it's definitely one of the best things about living in new jersey!