Thursday, June 7, 2012

Accessory Style: Beach Party

Beach Beauties

The summer sun hasn't been shining the past few days here on the Jersey Shore, but things are supposed to brighten up over the weekend. I for one love nothing more than a beach party on a beautiful day. Though most days that I spend at the beach I only wear a bathing suit, cover up and a pair of shades, beach parties call for a different kind of attire. Even if you're only attending a casual occasion, it's still a chance to look your best. So show off your style. make sure you accessorize those cute cover-ups! If you're going to be in the sand make sure you wear flat sandals so you spend the day having fun instead of trying to walk without falling on your face. I'd keep everything else kind of casual, and make sure you have a beach tote with everything you need for the day/night. Jewelry can be a tough one, in this case. If you're actually going to be spending a ton of time in the sand and the ocean I'd skip the jewelry, it might get ruined or lost. However, if it's more of a tiki bar or beach house party go for the jewels. Keep things to a summery beach theme, like the starfish ring and turquoise earrings above. Just remember to take them off if you decide to go for a swim!

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